Vaguely Focused: My World, Not Me.

It’s been around two months since the end of the ever accelerating merry-go-round of decisions called college. Decision after decision, sometimes followed by regret, other times by a sense of accomplishment and growth. “Adult-ness,” so to speak. College flew by so so fast. But you know what’s passing by even faster than college did? This five-month vacation I’m on.

It’s already been more than two months since my vacation started. I expected this, but the rate of my time doing nothing passing is ridiculous. Why does time go so fast when you’re doing nothing? And why is doing nothing so fun? #hermit

Okay. So, ‘doing nothing’ means different things for everyone. For me, the phrase means watching shows from pilot to series finale, browsing Reddit, listening to music, and watching YouTube videos on My Subscriptions, with occasional reading and watercoloring sprinkled in between. Bi-nightly Dunkin runs with mama, occasional mall trips with the sister, and discovering new restaurants with friends add to my current otherwise monotonous life.

Is that why I’m starting this blog then? To add to my monotonous life? Perhaps. But more so, I decided that I needed something to hold me accountable to do things that are different from ‘nothing.’ Perhaps the subtle pressure from having a blog will make me do more things for content. Perhaps with a blog, I’ll actually read that book I said I really wanted to read, for example. You know, using social pressures for good, haha. You might be saying, “You should have chosen a more personal online social network, Abb” for this pressure to work on me, but what I want is something that can be both personal and detached. And what’s pretty much the perfect cross between something personal and something detached? A blog. Facebook? Too personal. Instagram? Too limited. Tumblr? It’s a blog, but the platform is a bit informal for what I want. Finally, a blog? Yes. It’s new to me and the format seems more formal than Tumblr. It can be as personal or as detached as I want it to be while allowing quality photo publishing and long text posts. Also, a blog is something less about the person themselves and more about the content. Vaguely focused on me, but not entirely. Is that confusing? What I mean is, my blog will be focused more on my thoughts and the world from my perspective rather than…me. So, my world, not me.  Okay. Crisp. Short and sweet. Yes.

I’ll talk about my hobbies and my current books and what I’m eating etc. here. Maybe update you on shows I fell in love with (again) or new games that’s killing my battery life. Whatever I feel like, whatever I’m going through. I was originally planning, with the recommendations of many friends and colleagues, to start a blog once I go to India. But I think now is just as a good time as any other. So.. I guess it’s started.



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