It’s such a beautiful spring day today

Currently listening to: 공간 (Space) by 정은지 (Jeong Eunji)

Listening to some light, spring-like, warm, bright songs by Jeong Eunji. Her whole album, actually, is very relaxing. Closing my eyes, I find myself bobbing my head lightly with an involuntary, ever-so-slight smile. I really should go outside and feel some of that sunshine on me.


Facebook is thinking of bringing in a ‘dislike’ button? Dislike.

What I meant to be a wee post while sharing the link turned too long for a Facebook post than I like. Hence, blog post. (Also a convenient tl;dr at the bottom since this became more wordy than I expected.)

Article: “Coming Soon to Facebook: A New ‘Dislike’ Button.”

While not dismissing or belittling the vast pros of social media or the possible benefits of having a dislike button to show empathy or appropriate/relevant negative emotions discussed in the NYT article linked above, I’m not sure if this new ‘dislike’ button is so necessary. Yeah, it’s the counterpart to the current ‘like’ button. Completes the dichotomy blablabla. I’m sure there were many reasons to go forward with this idea. But does it really have to be a ‘dislike’ button?

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Regarding the recent ‘Is it ever okay to not tip’ article

Article: “New Jersey waitress receives ‘LOL’ instead of tip on receipt” (Can’t find the original one I read so I’m linking another article on the same issue.)

And here we are, blaming either the server for wanting tip despite the slow service not being her fault or blaming the diner for not leaving any tip despite having a bad experience. (Yes, the ‘LOL’ was rude; I also understand the frustration of waiting an hour for dinner.) People, it is MANDATORY that EMPLOYERS MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE IN STATE MINIMUM WAGE AND TIPPED-WORKERS’ MINIMUM WAGE IF SERVERS DO NOT EARN THE DIFFERENCE IN TIPS. It is ILLEGAL to have the server be paid $2.50/hr if she got no tips.

NJ DOL min wageSource: NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development Hour and Wage Compliance FAQ

Why are we blaming the affected parties and not the one who failed to pay her the mandated minimum wage?

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Vaguely Focused: My World, Not Me.

It’s been around two months since the end of the ever accelerating merry-go-round of decisions called college. Decision after decision, sometimes followed by regret, other times by a sense of accomplishment and growth. “Adult-ness,” so to speak. College flew by so so fast. But you know what’s passing by even faster than college did? This five-month vacation I’m on.

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